HTG 700HP High Speed ​​(Polishing) Burnisher Machine



Güvenlik politikası (Müşteri güvencesi modülü ile düzenle)


Teslimat politikası (Müşteri güvencesi modülü ile düzenle)


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  • High Tech Grinding is proud to be one of integrators that providing full-floor polishing products and service.
  • We have Global Series and High Tech Grinding Series Polishing Machines which varies from one head to four heads can be able to meet different construction requirements.
  • The gear-driven machines are user-friendly and productive, and they are able to grind efficiently and give out a a fine polish on the surface. And our machines can work in planetary or rotatory direction.
  • Moreover, We do provide various horsepower options such as 20HP, 15HP, 10HP, 7.5HP and more.
  • We also offer our The High Tech Grinding Tools including metal pads and resin pads with fantastic value and a good price. As for chemicals, we have our High Tech Grinding Chemicals for repairing, hardening, sealing and stone crystallization.


Data sheet

Model No
Hourly Work Capacity
Motor Power
9.5KW / 13HP
Machine Weight
216Kg / 476lbs
Scraping Pressure
Cycle Rate
Working Width
Head Diameter
380-440V / 25A
9.5KW / 13HP

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